Red Bull gives us choices now... called Edition



I have been drinking Redbull for years. Today as I moseyed on in to 7/11 to get my morning Redbull that I drink like a cup of coffee each morning, I saw something different. 3 cans Blue, Red and Silver, thinking oh cool cans from Redbull for the election. So I grabbed 3 to add to my "unique" can collection at my shelf at my desk at work. I get to work at crack open the blue one as I am partial to that color. Something very very strange then hit me in the face, the smell of this can of which I had just opened, didn't smell like Redbull, it smelled... familiar but couldn’t place it. I took my first gulp of this imposter in a Redbull can. BLUEBERRY! What!? When did this happen? How was I unaware of this? I quickly spin the can around and see that is the Taste of Blueberry edition. It is simply AMAZING! If you love Blueberry like I do, and love the taste of Redbull why are you still reading this, GO forth and retrieve. The Red is Cranberry, and tastes better than the 7-UP w/Cranberry. The Silver I am still scared of this one, don’t know why they all tasted great so far, but Silver is Lime. I think I am going to switch to the Blue, while it’s around. Let us help make these flavors stay, join me in being a consumer.