Retina display for iPad mini??

When Apple announced iPad mini without the now-somewhat-standard Retina display, I wasn't surprised at all. Manufacturing cost and battery life aside, I think it was something else.

I think it has become so natural for Apple to improve the display to Retina-level for the next generation of any non-Retina Apple device. So natural that people just assume it is going to happen. It is totally understandable as all product lines have become Retina-ized.

But my question is, (I am pretty sure the prices won't change) why would anyone buy a $499 iPad when they can get a $329 iPad mini with the equally good Retina display and the same access to its rich library of apps? Yes, the 9.7 inch iPad may always have a faster chip, but is the first-gen iPad mini sluggish? No, it's fast enough, can run all existing apps flawlessly. And it's only going to get better with the next generation. Yes, 9.7 inch iPad has a larger screen, but iPad mini's 7.9 inch screen is large enough, and most importantly, it is ever so much more portable than the 9.7 iPad. I simply don't see a reason for anyone to choose a standard iPad over iPad mini if they all have Retina displays.

But still, I believe Retina-quality display has become something inevitable for any iOS device. So my guess is that Apple is going to enhance the mini's display in a different way, except the resolution. Or, at the same time iPad mini gets a Retina display, it may add something special to the 9.7 inch iPad that makes it superior to iPad mini in some ways.

In fact, I think Apple has decided to treat iPads more like its MacBook lineup. This is evident from dropping the numbering thingy from iPad since the "new iPad". And they are kinda promoting the 9.7 inch as the Pro machine, while the mini is the MacBook Air equivalent. So they may widen the gap generation-by-generation.

So what do you guys think about what Apple will do with its iPad lineup? iPad mini owners, do you think it has the potential to actually replace its big brother with a faster chip and a Retina display?