I Finally Touched a Lumia 920, and it felt Glorious!

Just letting people know that I finally got my hands on a "non-working" demo of a Lumia 920 at a store that I will not name. I don't actually think they did anything wrong by letting me see it, but I wouldn't want them to get in trouble.

This thing is glorious and the whole "it's too big" issue is being blown out of proportion. It does not feel or look abnormally thick at all. I think the curve might help make it look more slender, because I was expecting it to be more of a beast.

As for the weight, I'm not sure if the demo has the same weight and weight distribution, but if so, not a problem in the least. Is it heavIER than other phones? Sure. Would I have even noticed if it wasn't being shoved down my throat by blog reviews? Not at all. It weighs what you would expect from a phone that size, there's no way I'd notice the extra 40-60g unless I was holding a lighter phone in my other hand.

I really think I'm sold on this, the only thing that's holding me back is games available. The rest is good to go!