Advice on How to Bolt from Verizon for AT&T for the Nokia 920?

I got the HTC Trophy from Verizon the day it came out. It's served its purpose. It's scratched up, the screen is cracked, and the back is fried and falling off since my daughter decided to set it down on a recently vacated burner on our stove after playing Fruit Ninja. I Want the Nokia 920, I salivate over the darn thing. I love taking Pictures and Videos of my kids and OIS will be awesome from what I've seen. Nothing compares. Verizon's phones are Meh... Verizon has me over a barrel. $270 ETF to get out of my contract or wait until June when it expires (my wife's dumb phone is on it as well). I've grown to HATE contracts and probably will get my next phone contract free. I'm not sure AT&T will even sell me a phone contract free since I've never been a customer of theirs before. The HTC Trophy was my first smartphone and I'm wondering what options I have to bolt from Verizon to AT&T and not be kicked in the nards with fees. Any advice?