iPhone 5 LTE question

Apple now sells unlocked iPhone 5, but nobody (none of the so-called tech "journalists") are willing to provide the details. It seems like it would be the AT&T version, meaning it will only supports LTE band 4 and 17. Meanwhile, the Verizon version seems to be more compatible with LTE around the world as shown by Apple's own website.

So here are the questions:

1. Has anybody with a Verizon iPhone 5 been overseas to try the iPhone 5 with an overseas LTE carrier? Even though Apple's website specify the same model number for Verizon and international (non-US) GSM version, it was listed separately, making me think that the Verizon version has its LTE carrier locked (maybe).

2. Can anybody confirm which version that Apple sells if you buy the "unlocked" iPhone 5? No tech "journalists" are bothered to even ask Apple.

3. Is there a way to buy the Verizon iPhone 5 without signing up for a plan?