Opinion: Suggested Features to Optimize the Current Features on Lumia 920

I am extremely excited about getting a Nokia Lumia 920 in Singapore. I recently have been crazy and gaga about this phone for a few day. Apart from being hyper about this phone, I feel that there should be more features to optimize the effectiveness of the current features of this phone: The Nokia Lumia 920.

Special feature 1 : Built-in Wireless Charging

Problem: Although it is cool, it is not an alternative to direct charging for a few reasons. One, it is less efficient than direct charging. Two, it works similar to direct charging(putting the phone in contact with the charging pad = pluging the power cord to the phone's charing port)

Solution: Make the the phone WATERPROOF

Reason: This takes the advantage of wireless charging. Wireless charging depends on alternating magnetic fields which is not affected by water or moisture. If the charing pad is waterproof and the phone is waterproof AND if charging wirelessly is waterproof. BOOM! You can charge you phone in the toliets, Swimming Pools, Flooding Areas, Under the rain, in super wet places. Imagine blasting some music, watching a important football game while charging you phone in your toilet while showering. OMG!

Special Feature 2 : Optical Imaging Stabilisation (Hardware) + Low-light Condition Image Capturing Ability.

Problem: To some people out there: OIS and low light ablility is not impressive enough

Optimization: Built-in Image Stabilisation Processor (Software) + Imaging Software Fix (Coming soon by Nokia)

Special Feature 3: PureMotion HD+ Display (display at 60Hz

Problem: Most people cannot differeniate that kind of high refresh rates. Addition: High speed/ Fast-motion Object Capturing Ability /

Reason:Preferably at 60 Frames Per Second (2x faster capaturing than most other smartphone). This will show how the prowess of the display which can display up to 60fps. People can see the difference more clearly.

Special Feature 4: 3 High Amplitude Audio Capture microphones (HAAC)

Problem: 3 mircophones, but two speakers at the bottom!?

Solution: 3 speakers please, one top , one bottom, one beside the power buttion. Create a 3.1 surround sound. (Maybe, I am wrong about this)

Special Feature 5 : Clear-black Display (Daytime)

Problem: none

complement: Clear-white Display (night time)/ night reading mode

Reason: This will make the display perfect. Nokia should do something about white text on black background as the light rays from white text can diffuse into each other making reading hard. I propose to have a special filter that reduces this diffusion of white light coming out of the screen. If this is successful, it will rival against e-books.