Recently, I decided to forgo the monthly cellphone allowance at work for a company paid Blackberry. I work in middle management, so I expected corporate to issue me an old and abused Blackberry Curve. I could picture the telecommunications manager blindly reaching into a dented drawer brimming with Curve's. To my surprise they sent me a brand new Blackberry Bold.

Yes, why am I posting this in the Android Army forum? Because I am an Android fanatic! Unfortunately I had to cut costs in a big way. Over the past four years all of my expenses have risen dramatically, but, like the rest of America, my paycheck has remained static. I am leaving the platform entirely.

I have to admit that the Blackberry Bold feels great to hold. If Apple made a device with a physical keyboard, it would feel in-hand like the Blackberry Bold, so the build quality is insane. Another plus is the call quality both on the handset and speaker. Whining employees never sounded so clear!

This is my second go-around with a Blackberry. I never thought I would say that I miss a software feature. Indeed, I really enjoy the email cue. It's simple and effective. I can easily access the email trail from my nagging boss.

What am I going to miss about Android? Apps, apps, apps. The Blackberry ecosystem is worse then I could ever have imagined. No Google apps and no Spotify. WTF! The situation is so dire that I may be forced to by a low-end Nexus 7 just to survive, so I'm down, but not out. I will be back. Until then, I live in a (shudder) Blackberry world.