Planetside 2 [MMOFPS]

I realize this forum isn't the biggest on PC gaming, but I was surprised there was not a thread on this game. SOE two weeks ago released PlanetiSide 2 that is a MMOFPS with a constant world that allows up to 2000 people per map. There are a total of three factions, each with its own philosophy and weapon attributes. The game is just massive all the types of warfare are in this game infantry, ground vehicles, and air vehicles. I really can't describe everything by what is offered by this game, but best of all IMO its F2P. There is nothing stopping people from trying to play the game, no upfront charge. You can download this SOE's site or even Steam if you wish. I highly recommend trying this game out and if you do be sure to get in with a clan ASAP as the game is just way better when you are with one.


Intro Trailer:

Game Play:

Amerish (One of the Maps):

Further videos can be found in the PS2 Channel. There is basic training videos that will really help learning the game, a bit of a learning curve.