OSX against the world.

I'm sure a great deal of you are using the latest OSX. I'm looking to switch my computer OS once again, I'm a bit of a change junkie. Normally I use Ubuntu or another Linux distribution. My experiences have never been anything less than stellar but I still crave a change.

For obvious reasons Windows 8 is out of the race, so it's left to OSX and Ubuntu 12.10, which is nothing less than stunning and always changeable. So, what are the benefits of OSX over the latest in Linux? Please note I'm asking about the OS itself and NOT the computer I don't want "The OS works great with the computer" as I'd more than likely build a Hackintosh, I'd never spend over $1,000 a computer, especially when I can get the same exact hardware for less.

What makes OSX shine over Ubuntu in: Computer coding, Android Development, Web Development, Photo editing and general web surfing?

EDIT:So it seems the only thing OSX offers over any Linux distro is software. You guys are great. I haven't been able to get this kind of feedback anywhere else.
A few people said a hackintosh won't be good at all. What would be some issues? Would i only be missing out on speed?