Small Google Now review coming form a former Windows Phone user

First of all I am coming from a Samsung Focus, I really loved and still love the WP UI, I got a Nexus 4 because they were cheap and I wanted an up to date phone, my Focus did not had a front camera, was one core(although it felt like two).

Google Now was a reason I wanted to switch and the app selection (was not as bad as people say on WP but some time my girlfriend wanted to play a game with me (SongPop, Draw Something I had to tell her well we are getting the game but in some months when I got it it was a thing of the past for her those game rise and fall quickly!)

Talking about Google Now I like it but I think it could be so much more, package tracking is nice but my card disappeared after a week and I still have to get the package, I wish it could tell me all the steps of my packages (now in texas, now in duty, etc).

Coming from WP I loved the option to search for a song from my phone (just had to click on search then the musical note icon it was baked in the OS) Why Google Now can't do that? I mean tap the mic if you dont talk and it hears music it tells you which song it is that would be an awesome feature for me.

I am a big music fan and concert goer I wish Google Now could tell me when some tickets go on sale before they are on sale many show sold out in a matter of minutes (almost as fast as the Nexus 4).

Overall I like Google Now and see a huge potential but I feel it needs more refinement at least I will have all the updates on time since I have a Nexus.