CM10 / AKOP for HTC One X+

I was in the market for a new phone and after all the fuss around getting the 920 unlocked, in the uk, i decided to go back to Android. I would have bought the N4 but didnt really like the phone and it's never available anyway, so I bought the One X+ for around the same price as a normal One X or GSIII, which was a mistake but that's another issue entirely.

I have rooted my phone and have already tried a couple of ROMs, both of which were Sense based and unfortunately i cannot stand sense to the extent that im not using the phone at the moment, it annoys me that much.

AOKP website was down for a while and now that its back up i dont think it's available for One X+, i wouldnt know if it was though, as all the devices are listed using their codename or something? if someone can tell me what's one x+'s codename it'll be great!

and there dont seem to be a CM10 rom available neither, so im sorta pissed off and annoyed. does anyone know where/when/how i can get stock anroid on my onex+ or a rom that isnt based on Sense (those icons... kill me now!)

any help would be appreciated!