Is anyone else still in complete limbo w/ the N4? Help/questions.

Apologies if this post comes across as whiny, but I want to get information on this and this forum is busy enough that I hope it can help.

I ordered my 8gb N4 at 8:36 PST on the 13th. That's basically immediately after it was released. I got my order confirmation email, but have not received ANY emails after that. No backorder email, no "your order will ship this week" ,and definitely no shipping notification. I've called the support centre 5 times. They have always told me "tomorrow" I will get an update. I was told this week that all backordered phones were being shipped out by the end of the week, so I should have my shipment notification yesterday. Did not happen.

So: is anyone else here still waiting on their phone to ship? Does anyone know another avenue aside from the useless support number that I can use to complain or maybe get some more info? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.