My friend loves the surface.

So I was in my class the other day, and I took out my surface. I took out my usb and plugged it in. My friend saw it and ran to me. He was literally in awe. He asked me if that was the surface. ( hi-five to Microsoft marketing team)He told me it looked it awesome and that he loved how it had a usb port and the key board. When I told him it came with office for free he seemed sold. He has an iphone, ipad, and MacBook, and carries them with him everyday. He says he hates having to switch back and forth between the two devices. He thought that when he was getting the ipad he was going to be doing work on it but that never happened. He said that it the surface you can get the best of both worlds and he loved how the usb port. Also we were on the train and he was playing the with keyboard on his lap and he said that he liked it. I told him about the lack of x86 apps and he said that was understandable. He didn't expect the device to be that powerful. To quote him, "Apple should learn from Microsoft. Microsoft did it better."