Jack of all trades, master of none, still prevails when the day is done.

So it seems the new phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" is going around to down the play the surface pro. But my question is, "Is that a bad thing?". Jack of trades is no master, but he is no amateur at what he does either.

The benefits of a tablet over a laptop is that a tablet is more mobile, better battery life, and less expensive. The set backs of a tablet is less powerful, lack of peripherals, lighter applications.

The benefits of a laptop over a tablet is that a tablet is more powerful, has more peripherals, and stronger programs. The setbacks of a laptop is that is less mobile, less battery life, and more expensive.

The surface pro and other W8 pro devices combines the benefits of the two. Of course some of the setbacks come too, but the benefits out number the setbacks.

Benefits of the surface: more powerful than a tablet, more peripherals, and heavier applications, and more mobile than a laptop.

The cons of the surface is less battery life.

Then there is the "...but..."

The surface pro is more expensive than a tablet but its less expensive than a laptop.

The surface pro is bigger than a tablet but it is smaller than a laptop.

A Samsung series 7 maybe a better laptop than the surface, but the surface does other things that the series 7 only dreams of doing. People who want a surface device want a laptop and a tablet at the same time. They don't one or the other. Nor do they want to buy two devices and carry them around.

Also this is all speculation seeing that the surface pro is not even out yet nor has been reviewed by the public.