From W8 tablet to iPad: what do I miss?

I've recently moved from a Samsung ATIV Smart PC to an iPad 4. Not that I was't happy with the W8 OS but mostly because of hardware problems that I felt that I didn't have to deal with for the €900 that I had paid for it.

Now, I could talk about what is better about the iPad but I'll save that for another time, because there are a lot of good things to say.

Here it is what I miss about my old tablet:

1) The browser was't better. Yes, believe it or not, IE10 optimized for touch is great. It's very fast, fluid and clean. I liked the full screen view and the gestures I could use in it.

2) Wacom digitizer compatibility was great. It was like having a pen and a mouth at the same time in my hand.

3) No full Microsoft Office support. Well, MS Office apps are coming later this year for iOS, so lets hope they are good and not very expensive. The current AppStore Office alternatives can't really convince me.