16 or 32GB Nexus 7?

I'm an iPhone user with a heavy investment in iOS software. I have owned a Kindle Fire running a flashed Jellybean ROM for several months (the Kindle Fire for almost a year). I have used this device as my primary tablet, but the experience has been sub-optimal. I first considered getting an iPad, due to the prevalence of said device in my family circle. My exposure to the device has been large, and my opinions positive. However, I always felt that a 10" tablet is too large for my uses (more on those later). So, I waited it out for the iPad Mini.

Sadly, I was disappointed. Apple didn't attack the space with much interest, and it felt more like Apple was releasing a product in a marketplace it didn't want to be in, nor did it want it to exist.

Throughout years of using iPads and my Kindle, I've narrowed my tablet uses to the following:

  • Web Browsing: One of the big advantages of larger tablets like the iPad. Web browsing on my Kindle Fire is not an optimal experience, but is certainly passable in landscape. I'd love more screen, but I don't want to spend a lot for it.
  • Spotify: Both streaming and saving for offline playback (mainly since I don't get the point of cellular in a tablet when most of us are carrying around smartphones that, with these new data plans, can act as wireless hot spots). Also, does the Spotify app on Android support Extreme quality streaming and syncing?
  • YouTube/Netflix/etc.: While I don't consume much video on tablets, I do consume some. And when I do, it's always streaming services. I don't rent movies except on my Xbox.
  • E-reading: I also own a Kindle, which is my primary e-reading device, but if my Kindle is charging or I'm just running to the coffee shop for a bit, I don't want to take two devices.
  • Casual gaming: I play some really "hardcore" mobile games on my iPhone, but I don't really expect to reinvest in games over on Android (with exceptions, like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and the like).
  • Facebook/Twitter/Email: Mainly for browsing these information sources and posting to the former two. Email has and remains a computer task for me.

For the most part, I don't believe I need a 32GB Nexus 7, if I do end up getting one. However, based on my needs and the lack of expandable storage, would it be better to just save the $50 (which could be used to buy a nice case or sleeve) and go with the 16GB Nexus, or go with the 32GB for the sake of "future-proofing?" Or, does it sound like an iPad is the better tablet option?