Why I think Apple gets so high reviews here

I've seen this a lot on comment threads, where people wonder why Apple's review ratings are so high. Well I decided to post my opinion on why. I don't think it's because they're Apple so they get bumped up a point- in fact I think it's the opposite. I was talking to one of my teachers the other day about how some people get away with really bad essays, while other people's essays are graded really tough. She responded by saying that the better students have higher expectations from her. This may sound unfair, but I think that's how every form of review works. Apple's success actually goes against it because people expect so much out of them. But guess what? Just like the smarter students, they get better grades (or scores) than others because despite all this, they still manage to get their act together every time and provide something amazing. I'm not saying that every product is as good as the last- not every essay a student writes is as good as their best. But it's of a consistently high standard and as a result, they get higher grades.

While Reviewers don't necessarily represent the majority of people's view, which is why I believe that the peak for a reviewer (not a tech writer, but a reviewer) is 2-3 months after they start reviewing, when you've got so many consistently good reviews from a variety of sources, it's gotta mean something.