How the Surface Pro stacks up. MBA 11" Comparison.

MacBook Air 11" compared to Surface:

Its 27% fatter (17 vs 13.5 mm)

19% heavier (2.38 v 2 lb)

Gets less battery life (~4 (Anandtech) vs ~4.5 hr (Speculation))

Doesnt have a touch screen

Doesnt have an active digitizer/stylus

Doesnt have a detachable keyboard (Pro or con...)

Doesnt have 1080p display (1366 x 768)

1 vs 2 cameras

It gets throws around a lot that Microsoft failed with the Pro, but to me it looks like they did pretty good for what it is. Sure, people expect stellar (8+ hr) battery life from tablets, but thats why there's always Clovertrail or ARM Windows tablets.