Is a hybrid the only large tablet that makes sense?

After being lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time with an iPad Mini I'm starting to wonder... is a hybrid the only large tablet that makes sense?

From the Apple perspective

Intel's 10w Haswell chips are due next year and power efficiency is only going to increase from there. With that in mind it's not hard to imagine Apple releasing a MacBook Air that is as thin and light as a current iPad within the next couple of years.

With the iPad Mini (esp. with a Retina display) being far better at "tablet stuff" than a 9.7" iPad and an super slim MacBook Air being far better at "laptop stuff" than a 9.7" iPad it appears to me the perfect combo for an Apple user would be MacBook Air + iPad Mini.

In any case, I’m not sure where the 9.7" iPad fits in moving forward.

From the Microsoft perspective

There are a couple of important points.

1. Microsoft nailed it with Windows 8. They tailored the tablet UX to this screen size (e.g. side-by-side apps, the edge UI etc) making the experience on a large tablet uniquely different to what can be had on a smaller tablet or phone. The hybrid nature of Windows 8 also makes it more sophisticated and versatile, picking up a lot of the tasks you would normally perform on a laptop.

Essentially with Windows 8, Microsoft made the large tablet form-factor make sense. Of course, this assumes the PC-like functionality of a tablet hybrid is useful to you, which brings me to......

2. Microsoft need a 7" tablet. There are going to be users that must have a laptop, they can't get by without one. In this case carrying around a large tablet (like a Surface) as well as a laptop doesn't make sense.

For these users the perfect combination will be a touch laptop/convertible/hybrid (e.g. Lenovo Yoga, ASUS Transformer Book, ASUS Zenbook Touch etc) along with a 7" tablet.

So... what do you think?

Are there any other users out there that have been lucky enough to get experience with an iPad, iPad Mini as well as a Windows 8 hybrid?

What do you think? Do large tablets without hybrid capabilities make sense to you anymore?