Nexus 10 or iPad (Please, no trolls)

This is a genuine question.

I have owned the original Galaxy Tab (both went to my parents after I've grown tired of them) and I'm currently sporting my Galaxy Nexus. My favorite local store just announced that they are carrying the Nexus 10 with the same price as the iPad 4 (around $500), which isn't too bad because the situation here is that the next best price is around $650 (Php27000). I'm not considering the Nexus 7 nor the iPad Mini anymore, since I'm pretty used to carrying large things around, and I felt that the 7" form factor is too small for me.

I am planning on using the tablet for transferring all of my reading and -some- entertainment from the PC/TV to the tablet so I can focus on doing work on my computer and doing all unnecessary stuff with the tablet. I also plan to use it in the kitchen for recipes, etc.

Pros of the iPad 4 for me:

  • I don't have an Apple device yet
  • I plan to learn iOS development, but not in the near future, probably Q3 2013 when I get a Mac
  • App selection


  • I really like Android and all it's customization features
  • I hate iTunes, don't know if I'll be using it that much though

Pros of the Nexus 10 for me:

  • I can share this tablet with my deaf brother (profiles)
  • I really like Android and I think it's overall a more powerful OS


  • Nexus 10 on XDA is pretty empty compared to other devices -- I cannot read up much about user experiences with it
  • I like that I can hold the iPad on both landscape and portrait, but portrait on Nexus 10 seems to be awkward (tried with an SGT2 10.1 and a Note 10.1)

I'd love to hear the opinion of people here! I also posted this on the Nexus 10 forums on XDA. I would really love to be enlightened.