Smartwatch for Windows Phone 8 project!!

Just read this and wanted to point as many people as I can towards it. It is called Gnomio and they have progress already. I am not in any way connected to this other than I want one myself just for the gadget factor :-)
Project Page GNOMIO smartwatch
Some features from the site:
Gnomio – watches with Bluetooth connectivity to Windows Phone 8 notifying you through soft vibration about incoming calls, emails and messages.
With Gnomio you can install apps from Windows Phone Store via smartphone extending device potential. Minimum of action – a couple of taps and application is installed.
Minimalistic and stylish design of Gnomio lets it easily fit into your everyday life. Gnomio fresh – vivid colors and light streamline case or anodized aluminum Gnomio Strong watches.
New mini devices market – smart watches – appears today. These devices have some advantages over smartphones proved by increasing popularity of smart watches:
- Quick access to the incoming information – you can leave your smartphone with a dim sound on a table, in a bag, in your over clothes and don’t hear the call while Gnomio watches doesn’t have this disadvantage. With Gnomio to stay in touch is easy – Gnomio reminds you through soft vibration about incoming calls, sms, emails without disturbing others by sound signals.
•You keep staying in touch, but your hands are absolutely free and you don’t get distracted with constant search for smartphone

Functions embedded applications Gnomio
•Notification of incoming and missed calls
•SMS and email notification
•Facebook and Twitter messages
•Сalendar reminders, timer
•The player controls
•Reminders of low battery charge smartphone
•Search feature phone

Also they want to enale external apps for it.
Project Page GNOMIO smartwatch