Android Phone for Christmas


So my phone broke a week or so ago and it has come at quite a good time, given that it is near Christmas.

After having a look at the 3 main Operating Systems I've decided to go with Android, mainly because I'm still a bit skeptical about WP and IOS devices are a little out of my price range.

I live in England and I would most like to get an unlocked phone and then get a giffgaff im card. Those in England will know what it is, it seems to be the best network essentially.

After having a look at the prices of some of the Android phones I'm thinking of waiting till the Nexus 4 comes back into stock, as this looks to be a bargain. The only worry I have is that the screen is pretty large and my hands aren't too big, I'm 5ft2 to give you an indication.

Any other phones you could recommend would be much appreciated, also my budget is below £300, it seems this rules out the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the cheaper the better

Any help would be much appreciated.