The multi-device future is just BS

The convergence of form factors is something we have seen happening in the past, the most tangible example is the Laptop vs Desktop convergence.

It started as soon as laptops hit the marked, and gained full force just a few years ago. Big clunky, laptops often running desktop processors fulfilled the desktop replacement dream for some while the introduction of docking stations greatly enhanced the experience.

As today, many people where in opposition to this change but history has proven that people is willing to take the right compromises and they often prefer convenience to a "pure" experience.

Now a days laptops outsell desktop system by a wide margin while the original compromises of laptops are still very valid today. Desktop still have:

- Better Keyboards

- Better pointing devices

- Bigger screens and better screens

- Better audio

- Because the screen is not fixed low position, better ergonomics for extended period of use

- Still a lot more powerful

- Since most live underneath your desk or are all in one, you can even argue that even occupy less space in your desk.

So, you could say the laptop is a fairly compromised device, still most people is not looking back at dedicated desktop system any more, why?, because a portable system is just more convenient and accessible almost anywhere.When this started full force?, the moment mobile processors go fast enough for performance to become irrelevant to the average consumer, with reasonable power consumption.

This is the same convergence that is happening with Laptops and Tables, except that this time the rate in which this is happening is mesmerizing. Why, Performance/Power ratio is improving rapidly, a 17W Ivy bridge processor like the one used on the Surface Pro is powerful enough to replace a desktop system of two years ago and as powerful to replace a mainstream processor a year ago, next year it will just get better.

So the convergence is happening and its inevitable, the need of a powerful tablet that can work for fun and work is greater than ever and will just get more intense in the coming years. Tablets like the Surface Pro can effectively be a desktop replacement for most people and that is a product that because of the size and volume it occupies, its practically non existent in your desk. Of course there are improvements that will happen overtime most notably "wireless everything" and technology to make this happen is already hitting the market.

A multi-device future does not make sense only on the mind of an Apple shareholder and that only while Apple figures out a way to make a smooth transition to it. Word is that Intel is in talk with Apple to produce processors for the iPad, while Apple remains producing processors for the iPhone, so they are getting started already.