VLC on Windows 8/Windows RT Kickstarter campaign update

So I just got an email from the VLC team regarding the Kickstarter campaign for VLC on Windows 8/RT.

They go over a few points with some pretty good news:

1. They've realized that doing a parallel port to Windows Phone 8 is trivial because of the shared libraries in the Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8 SDK. This means the Kickstarter campaign will also fund a port of VLC for Windows Phone 8.

2. They've been in contact with Microsoft and they're really excited about their initiative and are supporting them (not financially) with hardware, technical and design support.

3. They've already been working on making sure that the app will be able to pass the certification process in order to be admitted to the Windows Store.

4. They're confident their current GPL license creates no restrictions for admittance to the Store. It seems the GPL restrictions are compatible with the Windows Store terms.

You can find (and FUND) the Kickstarter campaign here. It's currently 33% funded with 18 days to go.