What's wrong with android OEMs?

So.. I have an iPhone 4S right now and an upgrade a couple of months overdue. I really wanted to switch back to android (I had a galaxy s2 before) but I feel like there simply isn't a phone good enough for me right now.

My main priorities are (not in any specific order):

1 - Camera
2 - Display
3 - Internal storage
4 - Build quality

I couldn't care less about processor/GPU specs and benchmarks since I pretty much don't play games on my phone. As long as it works lag-free I'm happy.

My problem is, right now, I can't find a single phone where I don't feel like downgrading in at least one of the points I mentioned before.

First of all, a good camera is a must for me since I travel a lot (for work) and take tons of pictures with my phone and, honestly, the only android phone that can sort of compete with my old iphone 4s is the galaxy s3. "Sort of" because I've played with one and in some specific situations like taking pictures against a bright background (like a cloudy sky) or in a hazy day it's really bad just like the S2 was.

All the other phones are just average.. not bad but not great either, and I want something at least as good as my current phone.

That said, I'm sort of limited to the galaxy S3, but the pentile AMOLED display really bothers me. Some people say they can't see the pentile pattern but I absolutely can, and while I can't see the pixels in the iPhone I sure can on the S3. Also, the blue-ish/green-ish whites as well as the over-saturated unrealistic colors are big let downs.

Now, regarding build quality, I know some people will disagree but the S3 does look cheap to my eyes. I don't care it being plastic, but for me the glossy finish was a step back from the S/S2.

So HTC and Sony have great displays and build quality but just average cameras. Samsung has a good camera but an okay display and below-average build quality. LG came up with the optimus G that has a bad 13 MP camera and apparently bad battery life and with the Nexus 4 which looks great but also has an average camera. I don't even consider motorola because of terrible experiences with their customer support. And I guess those are all the big players?

It amazes me the fact that none of the manufacturers have a phone with these qualities. For the average consumer those are probably the things that matter the most (seriously, what's the % of people that know what a quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 is, and among those what are the % of people who actually care?) and every new phone is just a new disappointment for me. I think the worse of all are the cameras, specially since iphone cameras are actually produced by Sony (please correct me if I'm wrong) which makes me wonder if it's just bad software?

Sorry for the long rant, but I just wanted to hear people's thoughts on this. Am I the only one that's waiting for THE android phone to jump ship?