Making tiles even more useful

I just had this genius idea.

Currently, when a user right clicks or swipes up on a tile, it shows a bar at the bottom for customizing the icon on the start screen. This is useful, but only when initially setting up the app or for uninstalling it.

What if that bar had complementary controls, either at the bottom like it is now or as popup over the tile with custom controls. They could even design a way to flip the tile over so the 'back' of the tile is interactive and once you perform the action it flips back on the 'live' side of the tile.

The music app could use that for basic playback options - play, pause and forward. Windows Store could have a button to install updates. The weather app could have an option to switch between saved locations or even current location. Games could let you select your most played games. I'm sure there are plenty of clever uses for such a system.

This could work across Windows 8, RT and even on Windows Phone. The idea is to have a tiny subset of functionality that the app offers, three or four buttons at most with self-descriptive icons. Most importantly, it solves the whole annoyance of jumping in and out of apps for the most common and simple actions, which is especially annoying on a desktop, but could also definitely be useful on smaller screens.

I am not an artist, but I'm sure someone on the Verge could Photoshop the idea!

What do you guys think?