Share Your Nexus 4 Cases

Hi all,

I'm a long(ish) time reader, first time poster to The Verge and I'm hopefully getting my Nexus 4 by end of January next year (Delivery was originally quoted at 6-7 weeks). Finally found me a willing American friend that's offered her 'Americaness' to place an order for me for one these bad boys and will be bringing one back to South Africa - yes, we have tech geeks like any other country, and no we do not live in huts and I don't necessarily ride my pet lion to work in the morning.

Back on topic: My question, as described in the title above, is what Nexus 4 cases are you currently rocking or wish to rock to protect your new baby n4? I feel this will help not only myself but other potential case seekers.

For me, I'm currently in limbo between the thin awesome looking Nillkin or Rearth Ringke slim, and the slightly bulkier Diztronic Matte Black TPU case. Has anybody bought any one of these and can give their opinions? Alternatively, if you can suggest a case that you'd recommend I'd be really grateful!

I'm currently leaning towards the Black or Red Nillkin: