need advise i have Sony Vaio Z gen 3. switch to X1 Carbon ?

Hi Guys,

my first post on here. something ive been thinking about for a while, ive had a Sony Vaio Z 2012 since the summer. its clearly a powerful laptop, super light and amazing screen

But down side im finding is the keyboard and track pad. battery life not ideal on highest screen resolution. im not too bother about sound but read its not great either. slightly larger screen might be nice.

ive come from a mac book air. which had great keyboard and pad but prefer a window machine for windows software as use the laptop for mapping cars

should i stick with the Vaio Z or try something else maybe the Len X1 carbon ? or would this be a step backwards ?

i see on verge review it only got a 7.5 rating tho and the vaio 2011 model rated 8

has anyone would both who can give me some feedback please ? ideally i need to find somewhere which has one in stock i can have a quick play with