Your device "Loadout"

hey guys, it's one of my first posts and I wanted to know what your dream loadout for your life would be, device wise.

the idea of this is based off the whats's in your bag feature, but with more fantasy based gear.


- multiple loadouts are allowed

- must be comprehensive ( from bag to phone to laptop )

- please include a breif description of why you picked the devices you did in your loadout

Here's mine:

Everyday carry

- gerber flik multi-plier multi-tool

- timbuk2 laptop bondage messenger bag

- lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon touch

- lenovo thinkpad tablet 2

- nexus 7

- HTC 8X

- assorted pens

- corsair flash voyager 64gb

I find myself needing a multi tool more than i should, so that's why for the gerber flik, I find the timbuk2 bag I already own to be fantastic and desperately want more. I would like the flexibility of a 14-inch screen in a 13 inch form-factor, with touch preferably, and the x1 carbon is a beautiful device. In fact, I "earned" one of the non touch versions a while back an love it. The thinkpad tablet 2 might cause some controversy, but i wanted an atom tablet with a slot for the pen for a digitizer, because I lose pens easily, and this fit the bill.

Everything else is self explanatory. Good luck and Happy dreaming!