Nexus 4 Volume (Updated)

Has anyone else had issues with call volume and media volume being too low? I know there was one post about this a while back but it turned into a lecture on not ruining your ears...

I've noticed on calls the volume is either too low, or it's really loud and distorts; there's not really any in between. I also use Spotify in my car through a 3.5mm aux cable, and with my Atrix 4g I used to have the phone volume at about 75% and my car stereo at 20/50 and it sounded great, but to get the equivalent with my Nexus 4 I have to set the phone volume at 100% and my car to about 30/50. I still have songs synced on my Atrix, so I compared the two phones playing the same song and there's definitely a huge difference in volume output.

There's been a few posts about this at xda and the consensus is to call Google and get it replaced, but I'd really like to avoid doing that if anyone knows any other solutions about this. FYI, running stock, no volume/DSP apps installed. And it's not isolated to Spotify, Youtube and Play Music are the same.

Update: So contacted Google, and they acknowledged that a some batches of Nexus 4's (I have 16gb btw) have a hardware problem affecting volume, and they're replacing it for free. Actually one of the best customer service experiences I've had in a long time, I described exactly what I wrote here and had an RMA within a few minutes.