Worst Amazon UK customer service ever.

So, I just experienced the worst customer service in my life with Amazon UK.

On Wednesday 28 November I ordered a SanDisk 64GB MicroSD card with Frustration-free packaging from Amazon.co.uk - shipped with Super Saver Delivery to Belgium. This one to be precise. The day after (29th) I got an email from Amazon with a tracking number as the item was dispatched. Estimated date of delivery: 3 December.

That is the last I heard. The tracking number only showed that the number was registered but the item was never scanned by the handler, they never received it (Belgian Post). When I contacted Amazon chat support on Friday (7 Dec) evening they said I had to wait 'till Monday (10 dec) evening since that's when the 10 day delivery maximum would kick in. So when nothing arrived on Monday I chatted them again that evening. The operator said he had 'instructed' the Belgian Post to deliver the item by Tuesday.

Of course nothing arrived and still no updates on the tracking page. So this afternoon I opened up chat again. The chat guy said the item was lost in transit and sent me a new one. I asked if they could this time send the regular version (without frustration-free packaging) since that one was in stock - the FFP wasn't anymore for another three weeks. He said that was no problem. I verified this again by linking him this product and asked if that was the exact item he'd send. He confirmed and I was quite satisfied as it should have arrived by the weekend since I now got upgraded to standard delivery.

However, about an hour later when the replacement order was registered I noticed they just made a new order with the original item and it would take UNTIL JANUARY to be delivered. So I started another chat. Seems like the only thing they could do was refund me. I asked if they could just change the item but that was impossible for some reason. I could either wait for the item or wait for the refund to come through, order again and then wait some more for that one to arrive in addition to paying more.

I think this is ridiculous. Why wouldn't they just send me the regular version (which is the exact same by the way) instead? When I clicked my FFP-link in all emails they even sent me to the product page of the regular version.


What's even more ridiculous is that when you go to the regular product page for the original item I got it redirects you to the item I wanted as a replacement: http://www.amazon.co...uct/B0084DWD4Q/ Why? Because they are exactly the same. But for some reason the idiots at support don't seem to realize that.

I really expected more from Amazon.