What's Your Situation for Apps on Windows 8/RT?

Now that Windows 8 and Windows RT have been out for about a month and a half, the Windows Store has started to get its fair share of nifty apps. I’ve included a few of my favourites down below. Which third-party apps do you find most useful and what apps are you still waiting for?

$2.99, free unlimited, ad-supported trial available

The YouTube+ app is truly fantastic. With all the key features of the core website in a clean and easy-to-use interface, the YouTube+ app is available in an ad-supported unlimited trial, or, alternatively, for $2.99 from the Windows Store. Playlist mode and a download feature (which I find particularly handy as a sort-of "offline" mode) are among my favourite features.

Nextgen Reader
$2.99, free unlimited, ad-supported trial available

I’ve been seeking a truly excellent Google Reader-compatible RSS feed reader since Windows 8 Developer Preview. I’ve gotten used to gReader on Android and truly loved its utility, but on my Windows devices I ultimately found myself sticking with a Chrome extension called Google Reader Notifier. I’d tried News Bento and several other RSS readers, but was ultimately unsatisfied. Nextgen Reader, on the other hand, has been nothing but a joy to use. It loads quickly and displays feed information well. There is an unlimited, ad-free trial, but you can also support the developer by purchasing the app for $2.99 on the Windows Store.


Though Pandora is popular and quite useful, I’ve recently found myself enjoying the large selection of music stations made available through TuneIn. In particular, Cinemix has been a now near-constant addition to my everyday music listening.

PuzzleTouch Prime
$2.99, unlimited, ad-supported, feature-impaired trial available

Though the main interface for the app is ad-infested, the main app works impressively well. PuzzleTouch is exactly what it sounds like: a puzzle app. You can use built-in puzzles or craft your own by using images stored on your computer.

Free, Netflix subscription required

Netflix is a beautifully designed app--so well designed, in fact, that I much prefer using it over the website itself. Netflix has a perpetually growing library of streaming content and the app is free! What's not to like?


Google is a nifty app for searching--and for quick links to all the various Google services.

Stuff I’m still waiting for:

Google Drive
While there is a handy link to the web version of Google Drive in the Google app, the friendliness and cleanliness of a dedicated app is something I currently am hopeful for.

I love Google+, and the Google+ app for Android is simply fantastic. Something similar for Windows 8 and RT would be a welcome addition.

VLC for Windows 8 (and Windows Phone 8) is currently in development and is even seeking funds via Kickstarter to give the project a boost. VLC is my primary media player for DVDs, and I’d love to see this in all its Modern UI glory.


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