If BB10 fails..

I'm Canadian, I'm not a huge Blackberry fan matter in fact I dislike their previous offerings. BB10 looks pretty good but to me it's a world of ecosystems and RIM doesn't have the devices to compete. RIM is going to have 2 phones next year to compete against another wave of Android, Windows Phones and the iPhone 5/5S.

It's a tough hill to climb and I haven't even mentioned tablets.

Just in-case BB10 doesn't work out this is what I would recommend it's sad to see another Canadian company shit-the-bed

1. RIM should look to be the leader in secure NFC technology. Anything NFC related whether its pin-pads, parking stations anything to do with NFC tags and payments RIM should look at this take advantage and gain leverage on the competition. For example I can see RIM secure SIM's and portable pin-pads using RIM technology to process payments.

2. RIM should look to making Blackberry Messenger into a Universal Communications platform to compete against Cisco, Lync, Avaya etc. IMO BBM is top notch and it has a lot of potential to expand to different platforms and ecosystems and provide an awesome unified service that will unify communications between an Android, Windows, iOS, Linux etc

3. RIM should focus on Android, Windows and Linux devices for consumers and businesses obviously with BB services built in

It might be difficult to create a brand new ecosystem but its not that hard to build an awesome service/software ecosystem on-top of an existing ecosystem that is used to link ecosystems together :P

What do you guys think?