Current browser performance: does Chrome have issues with Windows 8?

Hi, I just wanted to ask the Verge community about their current browser preferences and how they perceive performance. Lately, I've noticed that Chrome has been lagging/slowing down on me when I have The Verge and Facebook open at the same time on my Lenovo laptop (2 years old, RAM maxed out at 8 GB). However, when I switch to IE10, everything seems to run a lot better. I updated to Windows 8 Pro when it came out, so I don't know if that's causing my slowdown with Chrome, but everything worked better before my upgrade. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of my settings and Android integration that was set-up with Chrome are going to have to be migrated or dealt with differently. I don't mind IE10 and I think it looks pretty good. I've tried the new Firefox, but it has crashed more often than any of the other browsers, so I'm giving up on it. What are your experiences with browsers as they are now (December 2012)?