HTC One X vs Nexus 4

I was looking at phones to buy. I normally never pay full MSRP for phones, and since I use prepaid carriers, don't often get the best phones to save cash. Recently, though, I have been looking at the Nexus 4, a relatively good phone for the price with my only complaints being that the screen isn't considered stellar, nor is the camera quality. Searching around, I found that like new HTC One X phones have hit around the same cost point and even the quad core international ones aren't far off. My question is, between these, which is the better offering? I know that beyond the Droid DNA, the One X still has one of the most competitive displays and reviews seem to peg its camera performance as slightly better than the Nexus 4, but the Nexus 4 seems to be more aesthetically pleasing with a faster processor and more connectivity options (honestly, I'll likely never use NFC, though). The inclusion of S-On for the X makes it difficult to install ROMs, but the communities seem to still support the device well, so I'm wondering if the standard "Get the Nexus" for the update cycle isn't that big of a deal. HTC even offers Jellybean now for the device.

Let me know what the opinion is between these great phones!