What apps do you Windows Phone 8 users use?

Hello Microsoft Tribe.

I am currently using the Samsung Galaxy S2, before that I had an iPhone 4, which broke unexpectedly and for no reason. The problem is that the microphone broke. My retailer told me to get a new phone, and I did.

Now I switched to Android because I was bored with the iPhone design. But unfortunately I didn't know about how horrible the Galaxy S2 would be (not just Touchwiz, but the hardware too). And now I'm switching to Windows Phone, or more specifically The Lumia 920. Now my questions are of course, about the app selection.

I use Spotify for my music, which I love for the android. Its extremely clean, and just a joy to use! How does Xbox Music compare? I am willing to change, part because I have Windows 8 on all my computers, and I'm an XBL Gold subscriber, and part because of the lack of choice. Just to stop any confusion, I live in Norway, so I can't use Pandora :(

The other apps I use daily, are Dropbox and Skydrive (yes, I use both), a reddit reader app, imdb, facebook, Gmail, youtube, and an app that helps me follow TV show release dates, called Next Episode.

Can I change over to windows Phone 8 and be happy? I love the Nokia Lumia 920! My only concern is the apps. I will be happy if there are GOOD apps that does the same as the ones I have now. What do you guys think? And do you have suggestions to show me of apps that I can use?