Youtube HTML5 player a complete POS??

I'm not sure if this is an issue specific to my setup (bootcamp Windows 7 with IE) so I figured I'd ask around. I've been having an absolute nightmare of an experience with the HTML5 video player on youtube. It's really hit or miss since a good chunk of videos on youtube are still playing with flash and work perfectly, but...

Problem 1: First of all, you can't pause and play with the spacebar anymore. Since I watch a lot of guitar lesson videos, pausing and playing is something I so a LOT. Instead of pausing like you'd expect it to (like it does with the flash player), it just scrolls down the page, forcing you to scroll back up and hit pause instead. This is retarded.

Problem 2: The other thing is scrubbing. It works maybe 60% of the time, and the other 40% it freezes the whole video, blacks out the player, and does other stupid shit forcing you to reload the entire page... Also clicking anywhere in the time bar seems to break things almost 90% of the time.

Problem 3: Whenever I watch a 720p video in fullscreen (again only with the html5 player), there's a very thin yellow line on the bottom of your screen. Not a huge deal, but it's annoying, unnecessary and clearly shouldn't be there.

Problem 4: The animations on the player are very wonky and choppy. Like when you mouse over a playing video for example, everything kind of separates and gets a little weird. Again, not a HUGE deal, but the attention to detail here is completely nonexistent.

Problem 5: You can't adjust playback speed anymore. This a feature the flash player provided that I found to be extremely useful, especially for those lesson videos I mentioned. This awesome feature (as far as I can tell) has been completely left out of the new HTML5 player.

If it's not just me running into this stuff, this is an utterly retarded play on Google's part. It's obviously NOT READY YET. Why implement it?? It's becoming more and more evident that HTML5 still has a long way to go as far as video playback capabilities. And until the day comes where it can at least come to par with flash, it can sincerely suck it.