Google Plus Eating your battery?

So yesterday at work I had my Galaxy Nexus with me plugged into my computer until around 330pm. I then unplugged and left for the gym around 6. At the Gym I ran for an hour listening to music stored locally on Spotify.. Sent 1 image and 2 messages using G+ messanger. (mid run) got home around 10ish after stopping at the Store.(did not use my phone at all while going to the store or home) Here is my battery usage since unplugging it around 3:30.



I thought it was strange that Google Plus was eating up so much of my battery BUT.. when I got home I pulled up the battery status screen for my Nexus 4 (waiting for the T-Mobile Sim in the mail) and here is It's battery life for the day. I havent plugged it in or used it nearly at all the past day or so..



The jump in battery is from when I got home and checked it I saw the battery was almost dead so I plugged it in... Then when I realized my Galaxy Nexus was almost dead and I took these screen shots.

When did Google Plus start eating batteries alive and is there a setting I can change to fix it? I almost never take pictures with my phone and I have instant upload set up to only do it on wifi.. (which neither really account for why G+ would eat so much of the battery on the phone I wasnt even using)

Thanks all! for your help. I had to force stop G+ because I dont know why its killing my battery and I wont turn it on again until I figure out whats going on.