Can Windows Phone 8 actually take the 3rd spot?!

Hey Everyone,

So I've been thinking, there's bunch of phone OSes out there: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8/7, Symbian, and many other little ones. And I just wanted to know do you guys think windows phone has what it takes to jump into the big third spot?

Im a huge Microsoft fanboy, and I jumped on windows phone 7 when that first came out 2 years ago (HTC HD7) and just got the HTC 8x (WP8) 3 weeks ago. I really do love the new operating system, its so fast, fluid and smooth, on what was already a smooth os. Its so beautiful now with the high resolutions, and great hardware is definitely the combo windows phone needed to take off. I love it, and Im not saying its the best (for me it is) and in know way am I saying android and ios (I hate ios and the iphone!) are worse, but I do think they all have there pros and cons. I was just wondering what YOU guys think can happen. Can wp8 take the third spot? Android is hugely in the lead with ios behind, and Blackberry dying. Can wp8 come and steal third. The verge just posted an article of the new leaked blackberry 10 device

I do think it looks nice, and bb10 is definitely a fresh and nice approach rim is taking but does windows phone have a big enough head start to take the lead? Or will BB10 make a comeback and stop all of windows phone growth.

I do think Microsoft is doing wp8 right. There marketing and efforts are great, and the os itself is so refreshing and beautiful compared to the other ones out there already. With Nokia killing it with there efforts (which I think is the only wp oem actually doing much) I do think wp8 can take off. But I do think Other OEMs have to do more. Nokia has the lumia 920, 820(& 821,822), 620 and the cheap new wp7.5 lumia 520, they also just announced that their lumias will be selling on China's largest cellular market (which the iphone isn't), this is huge news for nokia and Windows phone. That alone can help them take market shares. And they should be rewarded for there efforts. While others like HTC and Samsung are slacking. I mean Samsung cant even get the Ativ S out, they keep delaying it, and are terrible with their support. HTC has some beautiful devices, but right now they only have the 8x in the states, and just released the 8s else where. This can definitely be done better, and should put more effort in, for the sake of windows phone. I think Microsoft and Nokia, have been doing well on advertising and support, and their deals are great. And I have faith Microsoft will do what it takes to make windows phone come to the top!

But I want to know other peoples opinions... do you think Windows Phone 8 can take the third spot? Do they have what it takes right now to jump over the fallen RIM, and keep moving forward? Does it have what it takes to get more developers and support for the os? Or will it be like windows phone 7, and just get little to no shares?! Do you see enough people out there with new windows phones or considering them? Personally, I think It does.. or at least I'm hoping soo. I love my HTC 8x, and I just got my girlfriend to ditch her iphone 4 for THe lumia 920 (which is beautiful!) and I think it has the WOW factor to make people look at it and consider it as an option along with Android and iOS. I do think it needs more developers and top apps, But I am satisfied with everything Wp8 has offered me so far and then some. I rooting for Microsoft on this one! What about you? Let me know! Thanks.