WP8 and the new things you might not know about

So, I've been playing with my 8S and have been surprised by the amount of NEW features, some of which reviewers didn't mention, and others understated:

1) File system:
You can delete songs using Xbox music, go to an artist, inside an album, and press "..." and you can delete as many songs as you want. Delete all of the songs and you can remove the artist from the device.

Deleting photos is also easy - go into the photo hub, select an album and you can select all photos and delete them too.

You can, instead of deleting files, with a device with expandable storage, move them to your MicroSD card.

Saving to skydrive is also a lot easier, "..." now shows "save to skydrive".

There's a phone storage app built into settings.

You can auto reject a call and send a pre-saved SMS reject to the number calling - up to 4 present messages can be created, when a call comes through, you click on sms reject and chose a message, it sends and the call is rejected.

You can delete more than one messaging thread at a time, click "..." and you can delete as many different conversations as you desire.

You can now attach a contact within messaging, rather than using a separate app.

You can attach your location from messaging too - didn't see this on 7.5 but I may be wrong

Drafts - there's now a drafts folder, click "..." to show it, a message backed out on will save there.

Adding multiple contacts into a text is easier, simply press the select key when adding a contact to a new text and select as many as you wish.

You can search for contacts when making a new text by pressing the search button.

There are far more emotions to use when sending a text, and it seems to store your most recently used ones too!

Under the messaging settings you can save text messages and chats to "backup"

Battery saver
Battery saver can now be turned on all the time, using a swipe switch.
Battery saver "advanced" settings also enable you to change settings, "when battery is low", "now until next charged" and "always".

The feedback within settings shows how many MB of feedback your device has sent, and displays some additional information about feedback, and how it works.

Internet explorer Under settings->internet explorer you will find "manage storage", you can delete files saved on the device from websites that save to the handset.

Do not track can be enabled.

Smartscreen filter can be enabled.

You can chose to not allow any website to store files on your device.

There's a delete history button which I don't recall seeing on 7.5

Maps Under the settings for maps, one can download maps manually to the device, by clicking "download maps", updates can also be checked for and deleting maps history is also an option.

Xbox music cloud collection Under music settings you can sync all of your downloaded xbox music tracks, this can be turned on/off - my device did as soon as I got it, with songs purchased from Zune before.

You can get suggestions, and edit them, for both the store and music/videos.

Lock screen
Up to five applications can give you quick notifications on the lock screen. These can be customised in any order.

One application can show detailed information on the lock screen.

Live backgrounds are amazing - I'm using weather flow, and you can open the app directly from settings to customise what it shows and how.

You can now search through your call history by going to calls and searching