Scroogled: Is Google trying to dumb down YouTube to make it just a TV like service?

I like Youtube and it has been my primary source of video content for the past 5 years, I spend 75% of my video viewing time at Youtube and I was considering to remove my Cable TV subscription early next year, that until the last Youtube layout started rolling out.

My main complain with the new layout is the same it has been with the past 3 iterations, they are progressively removing any content discovery features from the site, and it started as soon as Google acquired Youtube, which in my book is one of the saddest days in tech.

A few years ago, my YouTube session would start by taking a look at what where the top videos in the Science and Technology category, then I would filter out by most viewed, most Favorited, etc. That would give me the best and hottest content available, plus you could also take a look at the newest videos been feed.

That's how got to know most of the people I subscribed too, and that's how people like SoldiersKnowBest, Jon4Lakers, TheDigitalDigest and many others, that started with nothing but good videos to share with the world. Today, it is almost impossible for an unknown person to get views at Youtube simply because content is no longer discoverable in the site, you need to use social media or third party web sites to get views and become popular.

It seems like the site has been tailored for corporations to distribute their content because they are the ones with money to do marketing of their content and get to the top spots. Whereas in the past, YouTube was a place where the users provide the content and every body had fair chances of getting viewed, the experience now feels controlled and driven.

Whereas in the past you could discover videos of stuff you did not know, today you will only see things you wanted to search for or worst, things that Scroogle recommends... Youtube used to be really open and free video distribution, today and for what it seems tomorrow, it will become just a modern version of the TV, where big money decides what you are going to see and learn.

Thankfully, on Windows 8 we have applications like Youtube+ and Youtube RT where content discovery is still pretty much possible like it was in the past, however, I'm not certain about the future of those apps and for how long will Google support those APIs and services.