How to show off the Surface

The other day I was in the back room of a place with some other people. I was casually using my surface to read a book. One of my friends, sitting to my right looked over at it and asked to see it. I said sure and handed it to him. After about 10 seconds of flicking his finger around, he gave it back and said he doesn't like it. I asked him why? he said it seems boring. Truth be told, I keep a pretty boring set of apps, lots of productivity and reading stuff, not really any games or any of the sort.

I decide to show him why he should like it. First, on the homescreen, I scroll to the right showing him the App organization. I have some websites pinned, one that I've designed to use the pinning meta tags as well. I tell him it works for me how I organize it and it looks pretty. He agrees, but says it's still boring.

I asked him if he's ever used an iPad. He has. So then I talk about the multitasking on an iPad while also using my Surface to show him. So i open an app and say that with an iPad, I can only have THIS APP up at a time, and when I need another one, I would have to doubleclick on the home button, but then I show him that it's easier to just swipe in the app from the left. What if you want to use more than one App at once? I show him how you can dock apps and change which app has the focus and the such.

He's an xbox guy, Great! so I go to show him how much control I have of my xbox from the xbox companion app, then how well linked it is to my Xbox Live profile.

Then I show him the desktop. He's amazed. You can use all the office apps (he's in school) you need but wait! there's more!... I flip out the touch keyboard. He's seriously amazed at this point. He grabs it and tries to put it on his lap like a laptop. of course it doesn't stand. Then I pull out the dock in the back.. "I need one of these".

He tests out the keyboard and notices that it works just fine. Then he asks me if the keyboard still works when it's flipped all the way back, doesn't that mess up what you're doing? I said it knows when it's back there not to work.. of course he doesn't believe me. So then he tests it out.

I do believe I just made a Surface Sale.