Favorite older IMAGE comics

So, I grew up in the late 80s and early 90s, and despite all the maturing I've done getting into the more intellectually-accepted "graphic novels" and independent works of graphic art, I can't forget what drew me into comics as a middle-schooler. By 1990, I already knew Batman, Superman, Spider-man, and the X-Men, but something edgier and flashier needed to come along to slap me into excitement again, and IMAGE comics did that for me.

(Edit: I forgot to mention that I'm well-aware of the stigma associated with the hyper-stylized art and flashiness of early IMAGE comics, which many thought lacked substance compared to the more mature work exploring the "dark side" of classic DC and Marvel characters, or even compared to Top Shelf independent works, but I was between 9 and 14 when I was really into this stuff, to give you all some context.)

A few of the major ones that were among my favorites include:

Wetworks (Original run:1994-1998) - Gold symbiotic armor, vampires, ex-military mercenaries, etc, what's not to love?


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WildC.A.T.s (Before the acquisition:1992-1994) - Alien invasion, mutants, assassins. Sure, it was a lot like the X-Men, but a lot of the backstory was very interesting and there was a HUGE amount of tie-in with the rest of the IMAGE universe right from the get-go. The short-lived cartoon was not a success, but at least they tried.


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The Maxx (1993-1998)- Incredibly weird, absurd, and ironic in many ways, I don't think I fully understood The Maxx when I was younger, but I'm trying to go back and go through the series again. I just really liked the visuals and the weirdness when I was a kid. Given my later love of Animal Man, I think The Maxx fits into my love of cerebral visual art and story-telling. MTV even made an "Oddities"-style cartoon version. Remember when MTV was cool?


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There are several more I could mention, including the Savage Dragon, and everyone knows about the success of Spawn, but I'll leave it here. Post your favorites in the comments, too!