Windows 8 Tablet/Laptop Advice

Hello there, first post!

To cut a long story short, I've had two macbooks that have lasted me 5 years each. I'm looking to spend up to £1000 uk pounds on a laptop primary computer replacement, am a writer, so I need a proctivity suite and the ability to edit long and complex documents.

I know a macbook air with 8 gigs of RAM (future proofing for future ram hungry oses) would suit me to the ground.

HOWEVER I do love the look of Windows 8, I love the design and design philosophy, and am more than tempted to use it. I love the mac hardware but don't really enjoy OSX these days.

So, is there a good windows 8 alternative out there, durable, well made, touch enabled and could do the same job?

Surface Pro?

That new thinkpad looks amazing but could be expensive?

Anyone got any windows 8 tablets/hybrids/ultrabooks and have any stories to share?

Many thanks!