Windows Phone 8 questions

Hello Vergers from a long time lurker, first time poster.

Well, Lumia 920 finally got released in my country (Bahrain) and I'm thinking of getting one at the end of month but i got a couple of concerns and i would like some answers from anyone, please no flame wars.

I'm currently using a Galaxy S2 with a custom rom, as stable as it is, it still crashes at less once or twice every week or two, i love making custom themes and spending hours on designing them but its mostly eye candy with less functionality, only widget i use is the gmail widget, overall I'm happy.

So before i just jump into another OS, here's my questions are:

- How is the day to day usage?

- Any previous Android user misses the home screen/widgets/customization ?

- Live tiles, are they effective?

- Aside live tiles, what is the most defining feature of WP8?

- How's the facebook experience?

- How's the google+ experience (yeah i actually use g+)?

- How's the gmail experience (this is very important)?

- How's the youtube experience (extremely important)?

- How's driving and trying to call someone (used to find this hard on iOS, better on Android)?

- Not to ignite a flame war, but from what i see and read, devs aren't really pushing for WP8, anyone seeing this platform performing better, say in the next 3 months?

- Any hardcore and mind blowing games? something iOS and Android doesn't have?

- How's WP8 UI navigation? simple and clever or can be frustrating at times to do simple tasks?

I know reviews are out there, but i really prefer to ask people who are using this phone on a daily basis.

Well i guess that's it for now, my problem is simply is that I'm taking the phone on a contract, and if i try to cancel the contract i have to pay a lot of $$$ , so i have to live with whichever phone i pick for a year, i just don't want to live with a mistake for a year, i hope some of you understand.

Thanks for reading and sorry if my English if bad, not my first language.