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Reviewed by kingraven24 (Currently owns)

The Surface, to me, is an absolute triumph in that it blends laptop functionality with tablet form factor. I applaud the Surface development team for creating an outstanding product that offers tons of benefits. I did some digging and found out a lot that went in under the hood of the Surface. Optically-bonded screen provides zero space between the screen and touch-plate, making the Surface the best performer in high-lighted environments while also making it feel like you're actually touching the stuff on screen. It beats the iPad by 6% from what I gathered in anti-glare performance. That's a nice boast for a 1st generation product. But enough about the screen. USB 2.0 inclusion is absolutely incredible. Why nobody thought of this earlier is beyond me. The latest Bluetooth 4.0 tech is inside, and I love it. Pair it with a Big Jambox or the new Beats Pill (quite the device for $199) and the Surface will become an instant DJ device for small-to-moderate parties. Add expandable storage options with microSDXC, which supports up to 2 terabytes (YES, 2 TB!), and you've got a high ceiling for keeping what matters to you wherever you go. No, microSD doesn't go that high, yet, but the idea is that it can. I like having videos, and having 720p videos in large quantities appeals to me. Also, Flash on IE10 is pretty good. Doesn't work on all Flash pages, but the ones I use most work fine (YouTube being one of them). Office 2013 integration is a steal of a deal (Word, Excel, PPT, OneNote) and heavily featured for a tablet version. Wrap all this up with the Xbox marketplace and Smartglass, and this has become the tablet I've always wanted but never knew it. I can't use my Nexus 7 32GB anymore and ditched my Galaxy Tab as I knew that was obsolete. The app marketplace has grown significantly since launch and I bet it will hit 30-40k apps before mid next year. I don't care about app quantity but quality. There's plenty of quality, and I'm hearing there's plenty more coming. If you're looking for the latest & greatest, this is it. Surface RT hits high notes where it counts, and is content holding back in where it's okay to. Good battery life makes me go all day without recharging. I get 8-11 hours when I go hard on video (on a plane, at work, wherver I'm connected to WiFi), but that's full brightness and HD video. NOT BAD AT ALL! This is a must-see device. Get a good sales person that knows how to use Windows RT or 8 and you'll leave wondering why bother with Apple or Google at all!

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  • Design 10
  • Display 10
  • Camera(s) 8
  • Speakers 7
  • Performance 9
  • Software 9
  • Battery life 10
  • Ecosystem 10
  • Dock 10
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