Where is Google going with design?

It should be fairly obvious by now the new trend in Google's design.

There is much less neon blue and more greys and whites.

White is an especially dominant color. Just look in Currents, Youtube, G+, or Google Now.

There's more focus on content cards like the cards in Youtube, G+, the new Currents, Now, and it's where the gallery ultimately seems headed.

A more minimalist white approach with one action bar and one side bar is becoming more common. Look at the iOS Gmail app and the new iOS maps app.

But there's also a counter trend with less emphasis on cards and white and more on clean lines.

The 4.2 camera APK has thin lines everywhere in its circles. The 4.2 clock app has thin, crisp circles and refined text but not much whites. No cards and few icons.

It seems Holo was only a starting point and it's evolving into 2 lines one with ultra minimalism and thin lines and one with white cards and icons. So where is Google ultimately headed with its design?

What will its unified iOS/Android end designs look like?