Google Maps for iOS is here, am I supposed to be excited (Updated)

I just downloaded the new google maps and its not a bad app at all, it a little unintuitive but its not bad. But neither is the apple maps. I know plenty of people with iPhones and they seem to seem to have a good experience with apple maps. But they also don't blindly stare at there GPS when going somewhere. They do have a sense of direction. I'm not hating on apple maps or google maps but the experience I have on apple maps wasn't at all that different then when I used to use google maps. Google maps used to take me in some crazy route that actually took me longer. Apple maps has done that as well. I can careless about street view or even flyover, I liked to play with it every now then but that's about it. I excited that apple provided me with turn by turn which in my own experience has been just fine. Especially when i have it on the lockscreen and still tells me what direction. Personally I think the media just are blowing this maps nonsense out of proportion. The only people really fussing abut this are tech blogs and web forums. I heard about the Australia thing but come on they should have had more sense to follow the GPS so blindly, you still have to pay attention to the signs and use sonsof your own common sense. Technology isn't perfect wether its apple maps or google maps. I like that google maps app have the transit directions, but call me crazy I have been really enjoying the hopstop app that integrates into apple maps. I understand that some people are having problems with apple maps but I don't think it's wide spread as the media make it out to be.

My question for you is are y'all in the maps app that often, we're y'all having problems with the apple maps, do y'all think most will favor google maps over apple maps. Tell me what y'all think and please keep it civil.

Updated 1: Even though I never really had a problem with Apple Maps app, my only real complaint was the lack of Transit. I've been using HopStop but its also nice i get the option for Google Maps Transit info integrated with Apple Maps. Im still gonna stick to with Apple Maps but use google maps just for transit and sometimes HopStop