As an iPad owner, why should I buy the Nexus 4?

I currently own an iPhone 4. I love it, and I really love the design of the iPhone 5. However, I also own an iPad, which serves as my primary portal into Apple's ecosystem. Over the past months, I've realized that I rely on Google's cloud services for most of my daily work. I consume hours of video through YouTube. My primary email is a Gmail address. I use Google Docs exclusively for productivity. I use Google calendar when I need to set appointments. I can't stand Apple Maps and much prefer Google's mapping solutions. And, I stopped using Safari back when Google released Chrome for iOS, as Chrome presents better tab management compared to Safari and the syncing between Chrome on my phone and Chrome on my computer and iPad is very useful. The online things, cloud-wise, that I don't rely on Google for is picture storage, for which I use SkyDrive, and music streaming, for which I use Spotify.

Because of this usage pattern, I've been considering getting a Nexus 4 over the iPhone 5. I'm on AT&T, and they do not offer LTE in my area, but do offer HSPA+. Verizon offers LTE, but I don't care to switch and prefer stock Android to skinned versions anyway. So the lack of LTE isn't a bother.

What I'm asking is this: since I use my iPad far more than my iPhone, why should I get an Nexus 4 over an iPhone 5? Both are amazing phones (I'm sure we can all at least agree on that), but what makes the Nexus 4 better than the iPhone 5 for my uses? Overall?

(I'm also posting a similar post in the Apple Core forum asking why I should buy the iPhone 5 over the Nexus 4.)