Sold my Gnexus.... want it back. Where can you still buy a Nexus?

So I made a terrible terrible mistake. I Sold my Galaxy Nexus.

To replace it I bought a Lumia 900 off of Amazon, and it was a terrible move.

The back camera wiggles within the phones frame.

The phone locks up from time to time and requires a hard reset.

The vibrate feature feels like there is something loose within the phone.

Internet Explorer is the worst mobile browser ever. Its beautiful, but its just terrible performance and feature wise.

WP 7.5 is a beautiful (if not severely gimped) OS.

So I want my Nexus back.

I know its not being sold on the Play Store anymore (sadly :/).

So where would you guys recommend looking for a new Galaxy Nexus?

I have been considering the Nexus 4, but I think the Gnexus would likely be cheaper now, and the OS performance should be similar ....

- A Sad Fox